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Volkswagen Thing Electrical Parts & Wiring Harnesses

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Terminal Connectors. Take standard lugs.
10 Piece Set.

For all VWs

VW Thing
Part #: W-1013

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Bug Me Dvd: Volume 10, Electrical Troubleshooting. 3 Hours of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Battery care, Starting & charging system, Convert from 6v to 12v, Replace turn signal arm, Replace ignition switch, Learn how to solder

VW Thing

   More About Volume 10
Part #: Volume 10
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 9, Wiring. 2 Hours 40 Minutes of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Wiring Harness Protection, Identifying Individual Wires & Terminals, Changes Over the Years 1961-79

VW Thing

   More About Volume 9
Part #: Volume 9

Washer & Wiper Switches
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Windshield Wiper Switch On Steering Column
6 Wire Connection

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle mid 74-79  Beginning ch# 1_4 2358022
VW Karmann Ghia 1974  Beginning ch# 144 2358022
VW Thing 74  Beginning ch# 1842356316

Note: Many early 1974 cars used the 4 wire connector.
These switches are for 6 wire connectors.

VW Thing
Part #: 111-953-519G

Emergency Flasher Switches
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Emergency Flasher Switch (Four Way)

VW Bus 68-73
VW Beetle (Standards) 68-73
VW Super Beetle 71-72
VW Karmann Ghia 68-74
VW Type 3 68-72  Beginning vin# 68s From vin# 318103326
VW Thing 73-74

1974 Ghias owners please compare with 111-953-235G as both switches were used in 74 Ghias

VW Thing
Part #: 211-953-235A

Headlight Switch Knobs
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Knob for Headlight Switch or Wiper

VW Beetle (Standards) 68-77
VW Super Beetle 71-72
VW Karmann Ghia 68-74
VW Thing 73-74

Cap Sold Separately

VW Thing
Part #: 113-541B

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"Engineer Fire" Electrical Wiring Repair Kit Firewall. Fits 1973 Only, Generator Type. Includes: All Wire from Firewall to Engine, Connector Plugs, Adapters and Detailed Instructions. Volkswagen THING (VW) 1973. Fits only generator type vehicles for the Beetle
VW Thing
Part #: W-1001-THING
Main Wiring Loom

This main harness connects the fuse box in the front of the car to the motor and tail-light wiring in the back. Ideal for engine wiring and fire repair jobs.

Fits VW Thing 1973-1974

VW Thing
Part #: WM-181-7374

Volkswagen Thing parts for the following years: 1973 & 1974
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