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The Ultimate Guide to the Best VW Clubs in the World

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best VW Clubs in the World

When it comes to Volkswagen restoration, there is perhaps no greater resource than a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge, resources, and passion for all things classic VW. These communities, often known as VW clubs, can be found worldwide and offer unique experiences for their members.

But with so many options, how do you know which clubs are the best? That’s where this ultimate guide to the best VW clubs in the world comes in. We’ve scoured the internet, talked to experts and enthusiasts, and compiled a list of the top VW clubs that should be on every VW lover’s radar.

What Makes a Great VW Club?

Before we dive into the specific clubs, it’s important to understand what makes a great VW club in the first place. Here are some key factors to look for when making your decision:

  • Membership: A great VW club should have a diverse and active membership base. This ensures that there is always someone to turn to for help, advice, or even just to talk to about classic Volkswagens.
  • Events and activities: The best VW clubs organize regular events and activities for their members. This could include meetups, rallies, swap meets, and more. These events bring the community together and provide opportunities to learn and showcase your own VW.
  • Knowledge sharing: One of the biggest benefits of being part of a VW club is having access to a wealth of knowledge from experienced members. Great clubs prioritize knowledge sharing through workshops, forums, and other resources.
  • Resources: Whether it’s access to rare parts or tools, a great VW club should be able to provide its members with valuable resources that can aid in their restoration projects.

Benefits of Joining a VW Club

Joining a VW club offers numerous benefits that enhance your experience with Volkswagen restoration and go beyond the sheer joy of owning a classic VW.


A VW club is more than just a group with a common interest. It’s a close-knit community of enthusiasts who are passionate about classic VWs. This camaraderie often leads to lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.

Knowledge and Experience

VW clubs bring together people with a wide range of experience levels, from novices to seasoned experts. This knowledge pool can be invaluable for newcomers seeking guidance and experienced members looking for new challenges.


As previously mentioned, when you’re a member of a VW club, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources. These resources could include vintage Volkswagen parts, tools, or even services like advice on restoration techniques. Some clubs also organize workshops and training sessions to help with restoration projects.


Perhaps the most important benefit of joining a VW club is its support network. Whether you’re dealing with a challenging restoration issue or want to share your love for VWs, you’ll always have a group of like-minded individuals to turn to.

In short, being part of a VW club can significantly enhance your VW restoration journey, providing knowledge, resources, community, and a lot of fun.

The VW Bus Club Schweiz

This incredibly popular VW club in Switzerland is open to every VW bus owner and enthusiast. Members of this club call themselves Bullies, and no matter what bus year you love, all are welcome. They host many meetups throughout the year and release a magazine called Bulliemania.

Volkswagen Club of America (VWCA)

As one of the largest VW clubs in the world, the Volkswagen Club of America has many members and promotes and preserves all VW models. Membership benefits include a subscription to their bi-monthly magazine, discounts on parts and services, and access to exclusive member events.

The VWCA also hosts an annual gathering called Bug-A-Paluza, which attracts VW enthusiasts from all over the country for a weekend of fun, games, and plenty of classic Volkswagens.

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America (VVWCA)

For those who appreciate the history and nostalgia of classic Volkswagens, the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America is a must-join. Founded in 1976, this club focuses on preserving and showcasing vintage VWs from pre-1967. Membership benefits include access to their quarterly publication, The VVWCA Gazette, and invitations to annual gatherings such as the Vintage Volkswagen Festival.

The Split Screen Van Club (SSVC)

Specializing in split-screen, the SSVC is a UK-based club that brings together owners and enthusiasts of classic VW buses from 1949 to 1967. With over 4,000 members, this club offers resources such as technical advice, classifieds for buying and selling, and access to their annual rally event.

Cascade Kombis

It’s said that this fun club started in the spring of 1986 or 1987 when three families came together in the North Cascades on Mount Washington. The club continued evolving to become what it is today. This laid-back VW club is for everyone who loves vintage Volkswagen vehicles. Joining them for camping events, meetups, and pizza is easy—you simply have to show up to meetings and volunteer a few hours during the annual meeting in July.

The Type 3 & 4 Club (T34 World)

For those who have a special love for the lesser-known VW models such as the Type 3 and Type 4, T34 World is the perfect club to join. This international community offers members access to classifieds for buying and selling, technical resources, and regular meetups and events.

South Florida VW Club (SFVWC)

This group is the oldest South Florida VW club. All members must have a love and enthusiasm for vintage Volkswagen vehicles. They host cruise-ins, gatherings, show ‘n’ shines, and camping events. If you live in South Florida, this is the VW club to join. The various events and gatherings will have you wondering why you didn’t join the club earlier.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned VW enthusiast or just starting in the world of classic Volkswagens, being part of a great club is an invaluable resource. Use this guide to the best VW clubs in the world to help you gain access to knowledge, resources, and a sense of community and camaraderie you can’t find anywhere else.

If you want to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced members, and have some fun along the way,consider joining one of these top VW clubs. Happy cruising!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best VW Clubs in the World

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