For: Volkswagen Bus, Vanagon, Eurovan Seat Padding Kits
Seat Padding Kit: Front 1/3 Driver's Seat Bottom and Backrest

Our seat padding fits perfectly with our VW Bus seat upholstery. Together, they delivers an authentic, sleek look.
Fits: VW Bus 1963-1976

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Part #: 43-2006-BUS
To rebuild your seat, you must have the frame parts, including the springs. While replacement spring parts may be fabricated with the help of an upholstery supply house, the major frame parts must either be present, or else obtained from a "parts car."

You have the option of purchasing horsehair, which is available at upholstery supply houses, or purchasing pre-shaped seat cushions. If you purchase horsehair you may shape and cut it and then install your seat covers. A layer of sisal is used between the springs and the padding. Sisal is available from us, or from most upholstery supply sources.

We offer formed high density polyfoam pads ("CUSHIONS") in the shape required for your particular seat. They are listed here, along with sisal sheets for covering the springs.