Original (multi-piece) Headliner.
Cloth Headliner Fabric.

VW Beetle Sedan 47-52
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Part #: VW-2
Original Style vs One Piece: Original sedan headliners were multi-piece affairs. These are referred to as "original" type headliners. A vast majority of the headliners that we sell are the one piece headliners. These are much easier to install. The usual reason chosen to select an original style headliner is to receive originality points in a juried show.

Original Beetle headliners were made of soft cloth until 1965. In 1965 and later the original headliners were made in a vinyl fabric. At first these were a perforated vinyl and then, from 1973 onward, an unperforated vinyl.

Our warehouse inventory tends to follow the original equipment, but we can quickly supply any fabric or any color for any year. In other words, you can select what color and fabric you wish, for any Beetle.

The original sedan headliner was made in several sections, that are combined during installation to create the complete headliner.

The sunroof headliner includes  the section that covers the sunroof section. All headliners include sections that cover the door posts, area behind quarter windows, below rear window, above wheel well and around the rear window.

There are several headliner manufacuters using fabrics from varying sources. Our headliners do not include the cheapest available. These headliners utilize the most durable available perforated and unperforated headliner vinyls.