For: Volkswagen Beetle Seat Cushions
Headrest Pad, Molded.

VW Beetle Sedan and Convertible 68-69
VW Karmann Ghia Sedan and Convertible 1968
VW Type 3 1968-69

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Part #: 43-1021
These are molded, accurately formed high grade polyfoam cushions. (Original horsehair is obsolete and must be replaced with molded cushions made of modern foam.) Cushions are accurate, properly shaped and rounded where necessary so that the seat shape allows perfect application of the seat covers.

Within the seat the springs are covered with a "sisal" sheet and then the cushions are applied.

Webbing is available in any upholstery supply house and can be any suitable cloth or nylon webbing. Replacement springs can also be obtained from an upholstery supply house.

Make sure that the seat frames in your car are original to the year of your car. Many Volkswagens have been retrofitted with seat frames from another year.

All parts for seats can be ordered for the car year provided that the original seat frames are in the car. Otherwise you should order according to the year of the frame. You can check at our "Seat Covers" page for illustrations showing years and their original seat shapes.