For: Volkswagen Beetle FUEL PUMPS and FUEL PUMP PARTS
Fuel Pump Block Off Plate
Aluminum with Pad

This is a block-off plate for your fuel pump if you are converting from stock to electric fuel pump system. You can put this unit on the engine and run your electrical fuel pump on the side wall of the engine compartment. This unit has threaded boss in the center if you want to drill it out and use an adapter later. Fits all 1600cc engines.

Choose either the plate with breather hose center inlet or without (shown here: plate with the hose inlet.)

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Part #: 9094
About Your Beetle Fuel Pump:

If your car won't start and you are getting a spark you must determine whether and where the fuel might be prevented from getting to the carburetor. You can check that fuel is getting to the fuel pump by disconnecting the line and making sure that gas flows.

Once you know that fuel is reaching the fuel pump you must test the fuel pump itself.

To test, and to remove/replace the fuel pump is not difficult at all. The instructions that we offer on this page cover the testing, removal, adjustment and the replacement of the fuel pump.

We also offer fuel pump rebuild kits and electric fuel pump replacements for original types of fuel pumps.