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Part #: 5717

A distributor is one of the essential parts of your VW Beetle’s ignition system. The distributor facilitates electricity throughout your VW Beetle’s ignition system. Every time you start your VW Beetle, your distributor and distributor parts are generating electricity. If you have a problematic distributor your engine won’t start or could fail in use. On this page, we offer complete distributor systems, distributor clamps, and hardware for your VW Beetle.

About the “009 Distributor”
This is the most popular and economical replacement VW distributor. It is a centrifugal advance distributor, lacking some of the advanced features of the vacuum distributors. Properly tuned up the 009 distributor is a reasonable and effective replacement. But you do have to follow the timing procedures in order to be satisfied with the performance of this distributor. There is an excellent set of 009 distributor procedures fully described and detailed in several VW web advice pages. Just go to your search engine and bang in “timing the 009 distributor” and you will be able to print out excellent advice on using this VW distributor.