For: Volkswagen Beetle Seals: Quarter Window-Sedan
Clips for Window Seal Insert Molding
Set of 6
American made, bright electroplated

VW Beetle 52-77

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Part #: 111-300
Quarter windows are either sealed shut ("Fixed") or are hinged to open ("Opening" or "Pop Out.")

Beetle and Super Beetle Quarter Window seals (for the fixed quarter windows) are sold as "Cal Look" or "American Style." This is the situation for most VW Beetle and VW Beetle seals.

Cal Look seals are the most popular for the quarter window seals as for all Beetle seals. The American style (which has a groove for the chrome molding) is requested by owners who desire originality. Practicality suggests the easier to install and less expensive "Cal Look" quarter window seals, which makes it the much more popular VW Beetle quarter window seal.

Our VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle seals are American made EPDM rubber products.