For: Volkswagen Beetle Fastener Kits: Nut & Bolt Sets
1967 VW Beetle Stainless Steel Body Hardware Package
Socket head bolts & hex nuts (in packages)
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Part #: 5-0096
These are complete sets which will bolt your Beetle together from the shocks up. The package comprises 400 pieces, divided and labeled into component kits to eliminate any guesswork.

The component packages in the set include all of the following labeled kits:

1. Basic Engine Kit

2. Bumper Kit

3. Bumper Bracket Kit

4. Deck Lid Kit
5. Engine Tin Kit
6. Exhaust Kit

7. Oil Plate Kit

8. Door Hinges Kit

9. Door Kit

10. Fender Kit

11. Hood Kit

12. License Plate Kit

13. Pan & body Mount Kits

14. Pedal Mount Kit

15. Running Board Kit

16. Shock Mount Kits